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Seeking the Kingdom

My heart is so humbled as I dig ever deeper into the living Word of God. The awareness of how awesome Yahweh is overwhelms me. There is simply no way to get my arms around Who He is. But I believe some things, by the power of His Ruach (Spirit), that compel me to seek Him and the Kingdom with everything I am. (Matt. 6:33) I know it’s God Who does this, who causes this relentless seeking.

My thoughts and spiritual ponderings are more and more on the coming Kingdom. I am focusing on this truth, studying, praying and proclaiming it, and realizing that Yeshua not only told us to make disciples, but He also said to proclaim “the Kingdom”. He said to seek “the Kingdom”. The prophets of the Original Covenant (Old Testament) also proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom and Messiah. This coming Kingdom has been prophesied throughout the ages. (Zech. 1:14-16, 8:3, 14:9; Isaiah 65:17-19; Matt. 24:14; Matt. 25:34; Luke 22:29-30; Rev. 5:10)

Over the years, I’ve read and studied about the “Kingdom” - the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom within, and the whole concept of the “Kingdom” with all its glorious facets. It is totally “spirit-consuming and mind-consuming” and way over my ability to fathom all the intricacies of what the Kingdom is all about. I believe many of us are on this journey and are beginning to wade into the wonder of the coming of the Kingdom. This is a very brief sharing of just the surface of what I am beginning to grasp and what I believe He wants to reveal to us.

What I want to say now about the concept of the “Kingdom” is that we believers have spent very little time or energy proclaiming the Kingdom that is coming to earth! I think it’s because we have just not focused on it. We have just not grasped it. We have focused on the salvation of individuals, but this is just the first step in the restoration of the Kingdom that belongs to God. The concept of the Kingdom is clear and shining in the Word. This is not some ethereal concept. This is a literal reality that will happen soon when Yeshua returns to us to take up His throne.

Grasping this concept of the “Kingdom” means many things, including the gospel message of salvation by no other Name but Yeshua, but it also means the coming of a tangible Kingdom. It is the Kingdom that is now in heaven that is coming to earth. This includes the coming of a literal City, the City of the Great King, the new Jerusalem, coming out of heaven onto planet earth. This is the Kingdom – it has a place, a destiny, in the Land of Israel, in Jerusalem.

This earth will be restored to perfection. Everything. All creation. You, yourself. The Garden of Eden as it was meant to be - restored. Elohim rules and reigns and so do the servants of the King.

It makes sense when we begin to put the prophetic pieces together, particularly concerning the restoration of Israel and the nations, to see that the Lord put it in our hearts to understand this. No wonder the Land of Israel has been so compelling to so many of us. It’s as if the puzzle of the last days comes together when we see that the restoration of all things is literally going to happen.

Perhaps this is the reason why it has taken us such a long time to proclaim what Yeshua told us to proclaim – this gospel of the Kingdom. It is time. It is now the end of the age and the Messianic Era is beginning to flow into the atmosphere of planet earth, on the edges of the shore between heaven and earth, the waters above merging with the waters below, heaven is coming to earth. The servants of the Lord are sensing this is coming. It’s time to speak it out for the encouragement of the family of God, as an exhortation for those who do not yet follow the God of Israel, and for the glory of our Elohim.

Everything the Lord deserves as the God of all the Universe, the God of all Glory, He will finally have. It is about God. It is about Him receiving all the Glory, and it is about Him and His Kingdom. This is the world without end. And He shall reign forever and ever.

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