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Ministry Friends

Israel Media Ministries, Indian Land, SC
Founder/Director:  Ze'ev Nevo
Love For His People Ministries, Charlotte, NC
Founder/Director:  Steve Martin
Dugit Outreach Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
Founder/Director:  Avi Mizrachi
Beit Yeshua Hebrew Roots Group, Lincolnton, NC
Founder/Director:  Curtis Loftin
Together for Israel Ministries, Charlotte, NC
Founder/Director:  Scott Volk
Heart of G-d Ministries, Poriya, Israel
Founder/Director:  Richard and Carolyn Hyde
One New Man Congregation, Charlotte, NC
Messianic Jewish Minister/Filmmaker/TV Producer:  Warren Marcus
Christians for Messiah Ministries, Ft. Mill, SC
Founder/Director:  Peter Wyns
Photography by Lydia Holly, Ft. Mill, SC
Photographer:  Lydia Holly
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