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Ministry Gifts

Highway to Zion Ministries offers ministry gifts, which include customized teaching and equipping choices for churches, organizations, and small groups.

In addition to speaking and teaching customized classes or seminars, we also offer worship and dance teams, national speakers, children's outreach, leadership for celebration of the Feasts, outreach and immersion tours to Israel, and the development of intercessory prayer ministry for Israel within your own group setting.

Our teams can be as simple as one teacher for one session, or as comprehensive as a team of speakers, musicians and dancers for multiple meetings or events.

Highway to Zion provides teachers, materials, training, leadership for classes and outreach initiatives, custom-developed in conjunction with the goals of the organization that we are serving.

We are also flexible and willing to work within your organization's framework, facilitating the development of your own organization's outreach for the restoration of Israel.

Ministry Package Choices 


Education and equipping – teaching or speaking on subjects such as:

  • Why Care About Israel

  • Restoration of the Tabernacle of David

  • Dancing for Joy

  • Our debt to Israel

  • Israel – blessing or curse

  • The role of Gentiles and Israel in the end-times

  • The covenant of the Land and relationship to our eternal promise

  • Jewish Culture/History/Restoration of modern day Israel

  • Making Israel Jealous

  • Identifying with Jerusalem - The Church/Jerusalem as Bride of Messiah


Intercession/Worship/Prayer Sessions:

  • Davidic worship expression – includes leading worship, dance and prayer

  • Teaching on the role of the Levites and ministry to God – includes active worship and prayer

  • Israel today – prayer and intercession groups

  • Coordinating Hebraic worship events


Celebrating the Feasts of the Lord:

  • Teaching on the Feasts

  • Feast celebrations – Seders, Feast of Tabernacles Celebration – includes resourcing of speakers, dance teams, worship leaders, children’s celebrations


Restoration of Israel:

  • Connecting Messianic Jewish Congregations with the primarily Gentile Church or organization, to link hearts and goals in this prophetic hour.

  • Developing partnerships between these organizations, whether it be financial, intercessory, joint conferences and events, or practical service tours to serve the Messianic believers and Restoration of Israel organizations in Eretz Yisrael.


Custom Tours (not vacations) to Israel:

  • Outreach tours:  Partner with Messianic congregations for service, intercession, outreach, care, comfort and financial support.

  • Immersion tours:  Intercessory, education, worship tours – we also offer prophetic tours such as celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel with the nations.

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