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Don't Go Back

Don't Go Back - Never Forget

Don't go back to where and who you were over two years ago, before this season of global chaos.

Never forget that the Lord was allowing you to enter a season of profound spiritual revelation, and you are never to forget it.

Don't go back to living without acute, conscious awareness of the epic battle taking place in the spiritual world, which you saw manifest as a sinister pandemic, political upheaval, cultural insanity, religious idolatry, irrational fears and wrong spiritual alignments.

Never forget that the Lord brings clarity and wisdom to those who ask Him. It is the enemy who stirs up confusion and releases demonic forces against your mind. The Lord gives you wisdom and truth to see clearly and to walk in obedience.

Don't go back to marching to the tune of this world's making, whether in the faith or secular communities, focusing attention there instead of on Him.

Never forget that the guidelines for your every belief, regarding every decision, come from the Word of the Lord and the interpretation of it to your heart by the Holy Spirit. There is no reason to use any secular justification for anything you think or say or to attribute accolades to men.

Don't go back to a mechanical, "this is how we do it in our culture", faith expression.

Never forget that God has shown us how to live together in unity - by loving Him first, and then others. If you are not aligned in the "spiritual culture" He assigned to you, move out of it, and go where He sends you.

Don't go back to being perplexed with yourself and other believers because you are not on the same page.

Never forget there are many different kinds of people and diverse expressions of the same faith, but there is only One Spirit, and He will direct our paths. Stay faithful to your calling, and pray others stay faithful to theirs.

Don't go back to a "careful", acceptable-by-others way of worshiping and praying and prophesying and living.

Never forget to worship in Spirit and Truth, with all your heart.

Don't go back to treating your ministry like it's a business enterprise, a corporation, with man-made structure.

Never forget that the Lord sees the motivations of your heart and desires you to be after His. He fits us together individually and corporately for His purposes. Like the disciples before us, He sends us out.

Don't go back to spiritually cultural rituals and structures and traditions that mean nothing in your heart.

Never forget that the true spiritual gifts of God flow out of guileless hearts and not because of any declarations or decrees of man.

Don't go back to "sing-song faith" responses that are good words but without real power.

Never forget that the Word of God is powerful and sharp as a two-edged sword.

Don't go back to forsaking your own callings so as not to offend others.

Never forget it was His purpose to give diverse gifts to the body of believers to glorify His Name and to build up the Kingdom. We are not of those who shrink back.

Don't go back to self-focus and self-centeredness and selfishness and self-consciousness.

Never forget there is only One God, the God of Israel, Elohim - Abba, Yeshua and the Ruach haKodesh, and He alone is worthy of all glory.

Lord, by your strength and the power of the Ruach, I purpose in my heart not to go back and to never forget You and to cling to the Truth of your Life.

Blessings and love to each precious one of you!


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