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Refresh Me With Apples

Driving along in the busy traffic of Charlotte - on the way to my parents’ home to pick up my Daddy for a doctor appointment – lots of things to think about. He is 85 years old and not feeling well and has had health issues that I don’t understand. I am praying and riding and eating apples, really juicy and sweet ones, out of a little zip loc bag I’ve brought along since I didn’t have time to eat.

And “suddenly” He appeared. Yeshua, the Lover of my soul, spoke these words that I love into my spirit “…….refresh me with apples for I am faint with love……” (Song of Songs 2:5). These were the words I heard Him say to the deeps inside my soul. It was as if He was handing me each slice of that apple, and the sweetness of it was brightening my eyes and increasing my strength, and He had swept me away.

I saw Him in my heart, this beautiful God, so near to me. His grace was so sufficient for me, and not just sufficient, but ever-thrilling my heart with His great love and His Life, flowing through my soul with the destiny He has promised so assured in my spirit.

I began to think of how He transforms us – and it is so true – this Word is Living – this Jesus. Over time, as we have put the Word in our hearts, He does something supernatural with this Seed and when we least expect it, suddenly He appears with this re-vitalizing Life bursting with spiritual vitality within us. His Word – so alive – so real – so eternal – so Him.

Still driving along, eating apples, I begin to think how He is changing us who love Him from “earth people” to “eternal Kingdom people”. We know this is truly happening when we realize that our “default” thoughts are no longer of this world – and we think in heaven’s words without any effort of our own, and the step into eternity becomes ever more flowing and seamless. Yes, we are flowing into the other realm when this happens.

He has done what He said – He is transforming us with His Word so that we think like He thinks. Not always, but many times now, because His Word is your Life, and you are being changed – “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…”(Rom. 8:2)

It was just a simple earth-like thing, chomping on apples as I drove along, and He transformed it with the Life of His Word. He sent from heaven and healed me – He came suddenly and unexpectedly. He restored my soul.

So, Yeshua, yes, refresh me with the apples, with the fruit of your glorious life – your Word alive in my soul – proclaiming that You are alive – hearing You through your Ruach - like a heart on fire - take me away with you moment by moment, and even if there remains much to do for the kingdom in this present while, we are reassured, aflame with the zeal of knowing that we will serve you here and now and when your Kingdom resides forever on this earth.

All honor and love and glory to you, Yeshua, King of Kings, and the Lover of our souls. You refresh me with the sweet fruit of your Life and I am faint with love.

Cathy Hargett

Highway to Zion Ministries

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