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Spiritual Markers

There have been three profound spiritual markers in my life, and I anticipate this third one that I am now walking in will blend into eternity and that this marker is the final marker.

I believe He is revealing how to walk in eternity while on earth and how to know Him more completely even now while we are living as both mortal and immortal beings – what I mean by that is that we are now living in a physical world in flesh and blood but with an eternal spirit.

This is how I describe my “markers” now, but I think I will be forever tweaking the words struggling to express in the natural what I know in the spirit.

The Markers:

  1. Salvation - eternal life

  2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit - the power of God poured out upon us, a separate experience from the Holy Spirit within which we received when we first believed

  3. Revelation of Israel – walking in prophetic destiny – leading into eternity and total union with God

From where I stand today, looking from the perspective of many years of walking with Elohim, I am beginning to see something very powerful about these spiritual markers. And that revelation is that each one of the markers has introduced me to a particular “Person” of Elohim (God):

The Marker The Person

  1. Salvation Yeshua

  2. Baptism in the Spirit Ruach haKodesh

  3. Revelation of Israel Abba, the Father

I am realizing that the revelation of Israel, which has so totally changed my life, all comes together when I see that the essence of this revelation of Israel and God’s covenant with Israel, His promise for Israel, and the restoration of all things, the coming of Messiah….all of it….is for the purpose of revealing Abba, the Father.

This does beg the question – is it possible to know God, the Father, Abba, without taking the journey into His heart and receiving the revelation of His covenant, His plan and His love and purpose for Israel. I think not.

It was not so difficult to see at Salvation that Yeshua was the revelation of Elohim – he saved my life and will resurrect my body from the dead! He so loved the world. And with the Baptism in the Spirit when I realized that He had caused me to walk in the supernatural – it was clear that the Ruach, the Spirit, was the revelation of the Baptism. He flooded mind, soul, will, emotions with power.

And about the Revelation of Israel – it is no less supernatural than the first two markers - I knew, and I still know, that I am totally compelled by the drawing of the Ruach to the God of Israel and to His prophetic Word and to Israel and the Land and Jerusalem and the restoration of that Land. I am jealous for the restoration of Zion as I am for my own restoration and for yours and for the restoration of all things. I am totally zealous for Zion’s sake. (Zech. 1:14-17; Zech. 8:1-3) It is a supernatural impartation.

The mystery is unfolding now in the fulfillment of the Word that in the last days, the nations will be drawn to Zion, and the Jewish people in the diaspora will return to Zion – we are living this, my friends. This is today, this is now – we are drawn in a supernatural way to stand with God Almighty for Zion’s sake. We are being compelled by the Spirit to go up to Zion, to take our stand. Do not hold back – run with Him in this revelation – fulfill your prophetic destiny.

To keep going with this deepened understanding, I also see how these markers identify with existence as human beings destined for glory – it is indeed a progression:

I receive: I know: He relates to: He fulfills/restores:

  1. Salvation Yeshua World Body - physical

  2. Baptism in Spirit Ruach haKodesh Israel Soul - mind, will, emotions

  3. Revelation of Israel Abba, the Father Jerusalem/Eternity Spirit – heart, inmost being

But in all of this, His purpose is even greater – His purpose is, yes, the redemption and final restoration of Israel, but more than that, it is the final revelation of God, of Elohim, in His completeness, God, Abba, the Father, the God of Israel! Because of the Way Yeshua has made for us, we are One with the Root and the Offspring of David, and we go through the gates of Israel, through the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and we come into His Presence forever. We are finally, ultimately, once again restored to the God who gave us life and created us for perfect communion in the Garden. His perfect plan now restored for His glory. This is the final fulfillment of prophetic destiny.

And then when we complete the progression of this journey, we will behold Him as He takes us all the way into the Holy of Holies – we go through the Outer Courts – Yeshua takes us through them and past them and saves our bodies from hell – and then to the Inner Court, the Holy Place – the Ruach breathes on us and fills our souls with power – and finally through the Veil of His Body and into the Holy of Holies where spirit joins with Spirit and we meet the Divine Shekinah – the Glory Himself. (Ezek. 43:1-5; Rev. 21 and 22)

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