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Where Will You Give Your Offerings

In just a few weeks, I will once again be heading to Israel. This will be a different type journey as I am not leading a tour group for this trip. He has instructed me to personally go on behalf of us all and to focus on deepening friendships and spiritual connections with the "Mishpocha" (family) in the Land, those that we have partnered with for many years, plus a few new friends.

The calling is to join our hearts together over where we are all needing to join forces to facilitate and sync our visions from Him, how to build each other up in these last days, how to be one in Him. This trip is scheduled for 9/11-9/22, 2019. I want to bring offerings from you to give to believers in the Land.

It is very "New Testament" to bring offerings to Jerusalem. The Lord specifically tells us to bring offerings to Israel, yet so many neglect to do this.

Paul speaks of this in I Cor. 16:3 where he instructs those who do not live in the Land to send their gifts up to Zion in the care of some of the leadership that has been appointed to go on behalf of all. See I Corinthians 16:1-3. The idea is that the believers that do not live in Israel will be attentive to the needs of the believers in the Land and they will have already set aside money "in keeping with their income" so that it can be taken to Zion. It is a conscious, well-thought-out decision to send this support.

In fact, it seems that this collection is taken up every week for this purpose - I Cor. 16:2, yet how many believers take this seriously? In the traditional church, it is expected that believers give to local church ministry without any emphasis on this very specific instruction to give to the people of God in Israel on a regular basis.

It doesn't have to be put together as an afterthought or haphazardly scraped up - it's intentional. Would you please pray about giving? It would be so blessed if you could give so that the money is received by September 6th in plenty of time before leaving on the trip on September 11th.

I still marvel at the ways the Lord moves among us when it comes to standing with Him concerning Israel and particularly concerning our responsibility as believers in the nations to the Messianic believers in the Land. The statistics on the number of Messianic believers in the Land varies according to the source, but most sources would report that number to be between 20,000 and 30,000 at this time, still a very small part of the overall population. These are the believers on the forefront of bringing the Kingdom message of our Yeshua to the Jewish people in the Land. Israel is the Land of His choice - the foremost of the nations.

Over the years, Highway to Zion Ministries has supported many different ministries and believers in Israel. We have some primary partners that we have worked with since the beginning, and we also are alert for new opportunities to support and comfort those in the Land.

Your support is given for Kingdom purposes:

~Salvation of Israel - outreach to unbelievers ("pre-believers"!) through our partners

~Poor and needy in the Land (given to support believers and also to support unbelievers)

~Aliyah and new olim in the Land (including the particular unique dimension of supporting believers)

~Building up the spiritual foundations in the Land (through supporting congregations, discipling and home groups)

~Supporting worship and fellowship of believers

We give to many and seek to listen intently to hear for His direction about where to give and to discern rightly where and how much to give at any given point. Since our relationships are personal and our connections are deep, we consider it a great privilege and responsibility to make sure your giving goes where His priorities are and where the need and the fruitfulness of giving come together.

This is a partial list of some of the places and people we support -

Dugit Outreach Center

Heart of G-d

Aliyah Return Center

Vision for Israel

Operation Tarshish

Israel Media Ministry

Kehilat ha Karmel

Tikkun Ministries International

Christian Friends of Israel

Individuals who have made Aliyah

Each one of these plays a specific and strategic role and has unique gifts for Kingdom purposes, with all of them together creating a beautiful tapestry of the expression of His love in the Land.

When we first began our work at Highway to Zion Ministries, we did not expect that our role in the area of raising money and financial support would be significant due to our size. But, even as small as we are in numbers, year after year, our giving to believers in the Land increases.

The reason for that? It's because believers are realizing that we are not being obedient to the Word of the Lord unless we pour our finances and our "wealth" into Zion. It's because of "remnant people" like you who understand the signs of the times and want to run with Him on the high places as His Kingdom is coming soon to planet earth. We are looking for how to serve Him in these last days.

Believers have been taught in the "traditional church" to give the tithe to the church and then any offerings (extra after the tithe) can be given to other places. Is this correct teaching? Friends, study the Word about tithing and giving and offerings. This is important to the Lord. So many traditional churches have a "missions department" and they do give to certain places and countries, but it is rare to find the place that has a regular, sustained emphasis on giving for Israel. The Bible specifically directs us to give to Israel and, for us as believers, to give especially to the "household of faith" in the Land.

Please pray and ask the Lord about this and mail your offerings (before September 6th, if possible, please) to:

Mail to:

Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

6132 Robley Tate Court

Charlotte, NC 28270


You may give online on our website:

Your on-going support is so appreciated. We don't do "systematic" and regular fund-raising, but we do especially thank you that support us on a regular monthly basis. This has really helped us be more strategic about our giving throughout the year.

Bless you. May the Lord reward you openly for your obedience. I praise the Lord for you and for our shared love for our Elohim and for Israel. Surely, He is coming soon and He will rule and reign from Jerusalem!

Love in our Messiah Yeshua!


Cathy Hargett

Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

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